Our intakes for new students are open throughout the year but on a Tri-Monthly basis. Meaning if you miss the admission when its opened, you’d have to wait another 3-months before you can apply again.

Students who are interested in offering a particular course should apply a month before due time. This is because we accumulate quite a number of students and we have to process them all before they start their program.

Each student receives a Student ID Card which allows them to move freely in the school’s compound. Without the student ID, students wont be permitted to enter the school’s premises. We also give students their learning materials that’s; Video Tutorials and software for each course before class begin. This process of providing each student their Student ID Card and Learning Materials take roughly 2-4 weeks.

Below you will find all the answers to questions concerning our Admission Process

Should you not find what you are looking for, kindly contact the school via our Telephone numbers or email us; [email protected] and we’d get back to you in no time.

All you need to do is pick up a Registration Form for GH¢50. Send it home, read through carefully, fill it and submit it back to the school with a Valid Passport Pic. Students would also be required to pay their Tuition Fees in full before the program start otherwise they won’t be permitted to participate.

NO! The cost of Learning materials (Video Tutorials and Softwares) is all included in the fixed amount you pay before you start. Please refer to the desired course you wish to offer to see its price.

Currently, the only available option is at the Company’s Head office located near the Ghana Airways flat, Kisseman – Achimota. Please call the school lines for directions to the premises.

YES of course. You can certainly buy the Registration Forms for others. Whenever you buy a Registration Form, the school offers you a receipt. Please draw the attention of the Registrar to fill the receipt with the person who will be attending the class instead.

YES of course. If only you can provide us with the Certificate from your previous Computer School, we will gladly allow you to join our Advanced Programs.

That is not a problem at all. At Ayamand Professional Institute (API), we have carefully tailored our courses to be favorable to all. We have Regular, Evening and even Weekend classes all available.

Students can offer a maximum of 2 major courses at a time. But based on your performance, you could offer as many courses as you want simultaneously with the school’s permission only.

YES! Students who want to offer multiple courses simultaneously can do so with ease. Each course offered in the school have different lecture time and days.

The cost of Certificate is dependent on the course you want to offer. Please refer to the desired course to see its price.

We offer 2 types of certification. Professional Certification and Career Diploma depending on the kind of courses you offer.