Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

The world is globally becoming connected. Introducing kids to the world of technology at the early stage of their life will go the long way to prepare them against the competition; for the best opportunities that are available in the job market. Academic results alone, are no longer enough to gain children access to the best career opportunities out there. Our children must be ready and equipped with the right skills, if they intend to have a rewarding career. Increasingly, institutions look for people with strong competencies in essential life skills.

As a Career Development institution, we want to empower the children through the use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT). With this, they can access information to further upgrade their knowledge and skills. We are very much aware that every parent sees their child to be unique and would want great and rewarding careers for them irrespective of the skills and passion they possess. This is why we have designed this Kiddystart program to help the children master Computer skills right from their childhood. It’s important that they start early, so that these skills become second nature to them.

Our dedicated instructors are ready to help the children push themselves further, in a fun and engaging setting. Training sections are going to be conducted right in their school premises. And they are going to have their teachers present throughout the program.

They are never too young to start, and practice they say, makes perfection. Thanks for showing interest and visiting our school’s website. We look forward to welcoming your ward.