Student Evaluation

At Ayamand Professional Institute, we don’t believe in writing examination. Students who graduate from our institution get graded only based on their assessment from doing the job for us to see. We use this opportunity to help the weak ones, and to make the good ones even better. Classes are scheduled with Real-Life job challenges; so right from day one, student start finding ways to solve problems they would meet when they get a real job.

This is what makes us unique from our competitors. We believe that quality education should not be based on theory and so we are constantly adapting to new strategies to make our students well equipped before they enter the job market.

Students Evaluation and Grading

Our school is always revolving and strive to stay on top forever but that doesn’t guarantee that every student who graduates from our school is the perfect candidate for the job market. The only way separate the good ones from the bad is by Grading them. Our grading system is based on these categories;

  • Students creativity level
  • Students ability to follow command when they given one
  • Students overall performance in Project Works

Our Certification Procedure

Every student who graduates from our institution gets an Authentication Page on our schools official website. This is to prevent fraudsters from using our Goodwill for their private gain. The Authentication Page itself cannot be visited unless the Students’ ID has been added to the URL.

Below you will find all the answers to questions concerning our Certification

Should you not find what you are looking for, kindly contact the school via our Telephone numbers or email us; [email protected] and we’d get back to you in no time.

Verification is quite simple. We have processed the URL for each students’ Authentication Page into QR-Codes. This can be scanned with any Smart Phone with QR-Code scan capabilities. Again, you could simply type and forward-slash (/); followed by the Student ID number of the candidate into any browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or even Microsoft Edge) and it will send you to the person’s Authentication Page.

YES! You can verify with a Smart Phone, a Tablet or even a Computer. Our verification website is very responsive and will display well on all device screens.

  • Unable to connect or No internet: This means that you are not connected to the internet. In order to verify whether a student is Authentic or not, you would need access to the internet on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer.
  • 404 or Page Not found: Should the browser open the school’s website but reads “Page not found”, then it means that the student didn’t graduate from our school. In order not to cause any confusion, the school confirms the URL with the student before awarding them their Certificates. All corrections that need to be made, are always taken care of before students graduate.

YES! You can always call us from the hours of 10:00am – 6:00pm each day from Mondays to Fridays. The Administrator will gladly provide you with any information relative to the attitude of the student (candidate) you want to hire.